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Revenge of the Titans – Review


"Revenge" of the Titans is a name that suggested there was once a race of Titans and now, due to external circumstances, they seek revenge.  Which suggests that there was an earlier game called "Titans", or... "Birth of the Titans"... or... Attack of the Titans.  In fact, after further investigation I've found that Puppy Games actually created a game called Titan Attack which was sort of a space invaders clone.  Whatever the case - Revenge of the Titans ROCKS!

If you ever looking to play a balanced mix of Real Time Strategy and Tower Defence then you've certainly found it.  I picked Revenge of the Titans up when the Humble Indie Bundle Part 2 was out; I didn't pay too much attention to Revenge of the Titans at that time, but once it was released on Steam I was able to get it free of charge!!  Unfortunately, the Humble Indie Bundle is no longer going on, but Revenge of the Titans is still well worth the price!

It has a very unique art style, sort of cell shading meets Tron meets; I dunno Saturday morning cartoon; I've never seen anything like it and it really functions well.  The functionality of the game is also pretty unique, from what I can tell it auto generates levels based on how well you are doing, how much money you have, how much defences you have up.  Which makes for an almost unique experience every time you play through the campaign.  You can even "tone down" the level by selecting an easier one after death.  This will generate a new level with easier mobs for you to fight against.  As with most RTS's and Tower Defence games there are plently of upgrades to be had... and you certainly can't get them all in one play through.  There are plenty of options at your finger tips and many ways to complete your objectives.

Revenge of the Titans is hard, you won't breeze through your first play through with ease.  In fact many of my friends have restarted their first play through to choose different upgrades.  The game allows you to back track through levels in case you want to make a different decision on which upgrade you have at your disposal.  Personally, I got up to the Titan world before I had to... result to extreme measures - yea I cheated by editing the hex values in the process; but I still loved it!  In fact this game is so adaptive, that it almost detected that I was cheating making the game EXTREMELY hard, bosses almost indestructible and things flying across the screen at lightning speed.  Never have I seen a game be so adaptive.

There are other modes of the game too including Endless and survival game mode.  Unfortunately, the only thing it is missing is a multiplayer mode or coop.  Maybe in "Return of the Titans" or "Titans: The Tightening".

I fear there were some balance issues too that I recognized before I started cheating.  At times I felt it quite difficult to actually win a level being very frustrated towards the end.  It is my opinion that a game, even Super Meat Boy, should be completable in the first run.  Maybe, now that I'm older I just suck at video games... can that happen?  Does age truely bring about poor video game skills... boy I hope not.  Back on topic though, Revenge of the Titans is certainly something that I hope to play on my off times.  I'm glad Steam reminded me of it!!  Thanks Puppy Games!

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